Center of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Training

The most extraordinary phenomenon is life.

Above all, we care about the person.

One lives adequately to achieve progressive maturity, satisfactions, joys and happiness.

Equilibrium brings you closer to your goals.
Psychological Counselling

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In his existence,the person tends topersonal growthand fulfillment.
Together with other participants, guided by experts, get closer to better self-knowledge, through what each workshop offers you.

Learn and Grow

Life is an extraordinary phenomenon, which must be cultivated to get the best of it.
In order to progress properly, as a student or as an adult, we offer you support for learning at different ages. Tand help yougetcloser to your goals.

Online counseling

We are wherever you want us to be.
Call us for more information. If you wish you can also send us an email or arrange a video conference for free.


Through psychotherapy in its various formats, or training programs and personal growth, we give you new opportunities. As a person, as a professional, or as a student; to have more and better perspectives on how to face the situation in which you want to improve.
And we do it from a philosophy of work and solid values.

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